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Essay Published in Atticus Review

buffalo parkI’m honored to announce that my essay, “Buffalo Park,” is featured online in Atticus Review. Feel free to read it, but also read the other nonfiction essays, short stories, and poetry featured in Atticus as well. This essay has been published one year to the day that I first submitted it to my graduate nonfiction workshop at UNL. I’m grateful, as always, for the feedback my peers and professor offered me about the essay last September. This is also the essay I used as a writing sample for my application to the University of Idaho’s MFA program. With a little luck and a lot of work, I might have a few more publications on the way.


The Tunnels

Brick wall triptych 1.jpg

The English department at my Alma mater, Northern Arizona University, has released a cool new student literary journal called The Tunnels, and I’m pleased to announce that I have two pieces published in its inaugural issue: a poem, “List of Lists,” and a creative nonfiction essay, “Between Brick Walls.” The first was written after a First Friday Art Walk; the second is about photography, forest fires, and climate change. Both pieces are part of my never-ending love affair with Flagstaff, AZ. However, I mostly want to advertise the journal as a whole.

Two wonderful and talented professors, one in creative writing and one in literature, are the journal’s editors and creators, but it is heavily student-run. Last year, I was a reader for its earlier iteration, JURCE. The Tunnels is an academic and literary journal, and features literary criticism as well. One of my friends has a paper on one of Isaac Asimov’s stories; another friend of mine has a paper on Luigi’s Mansion. The whole journal is an excellent collection of literature and criticism, and a lovely reminder of how many people from Flagstaff and NAU have inspired and continue to inspire me. It also makes me excited for future editions.

So feel free to take a gander at this hip new journal, and I hope you enjoy it!


P.S. I listened to “Paper Moon” by Chic Gamine while writing the poem and “She Got Lost in the Observatory” by Motionless while writing the essay, to get in the right writing mood.

Who’s Afraid of Creative Nonfiction?


I’m pleased to announce that my creative nonfiction essay “Connecting the Dots” has been published in the Fall 2015 edition of Away. I also have the pleasure of announcing two additional publications, one poem and one nonfiction essay, forthcoming in Spring through NAU, but those will get their own post when the time comes.

This publication marks several firsts for me: the first nonfiction publication, the first piece that was workshopped heavily in a creative writing class, and the first time I’ve worried about how my audience will react. Creative nonfiction is difficult to write; unlike fiction, in which I can distance myself from the conflicts through artificial characters and situations, nonfiction requires me to place my own life under the lens. And now I have two nonfiction essays about to circulate. One is a love story; the other is about a moment in my life when I came close to committing suicide.

Nevertheless, labeling something nonfiction lends an air of authority to the subject. I can claim responsibility for my actions and thoughts more concretely, and thereby claim more certainty in how I articulate my understanding of the truth. I’m proud of this publication, and I’d be honored if any and all read “Connecting the Dots” as well as the other great nonfiction essays in Away.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got more writing to do.


P.S. While writing this essay, I listened to Bizet’s Menuet from his L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2, which I reference directly in the essay; “All is Well” by one of my best friends Ryan Biter, which encompassed what I felt at the time; and Chateau Lobby # 4 (In C for Two Virgins), by Father John Misty, for no particularly special reason whatsoever.