Fiction and Nonfiction

I am an emerging writer, and try to work with different styles ranging in length, theme, and genre. However, I mostly work with short fiction and nonfiction. I often post examples on this blog.

Recent prose publications include the following:

The International Congress for Kids Whose Dads are Commie Draft Dodgers” (Short Story) in Issue 4 of Longleaf Review.

Faking It” (Nonfiction Essay) in Split Lip Magazine

“The Next Best Thing” (Short Story) in Prism Review, Issue 20.

Scouting Locations” (Short Story) in Waxwing XIII.

Buffalo Park” (Nonfiction Essay) in Atticus Review, September 2017

Between Brick Walls” (creative nonfiction) in The Tunnels (Spring 2016)

“The End of Akrotiri,” (fiction) Circa, Spring 2016 (Issue 1, Volume 4)

Connecting the Dots” (creative nonfiction) in Away (Fall 2015)

“The Visitation of Aliens” (fiction) in Garbanzo Literary Journal (Spring 2015, Volume 5)

Father O’Brian’s First Case” in The Wordsmith Journal Magazine (2013)

Like most writers, I hope one day to become a household “What’s his name, who wrote that one thing.” Please feel free to browse my stories and critique or comment. Thank you.


Royal Quiet DeluxeAs you might have guessed, all original stories found on this blog are copyrighted material of Keene Short, 2018. Use without permission will cause a swarm of locusts to descend upon your crops.

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