Review of Blackfishing the IUD by Caren Beilin, in Bridge Eight

Broadsides to Books: Where Your Body Will End,” a review of a translation of Eunice
Odio’s Territory of Dawn, for Broadsided


The Berkeley Pit” in Blood Orange Review 13.1

The Parable of the Millerites” in Tupelo Quarterly Issue 22

On Travel Writing” in High Desert Journal Issue 31

“Where the Forest Meets the City” in Mojave Heart Review Issue 16

After Zion” in Blue Earth Review Issue 22, featured online

“Notes on Preparing for a Wildfire Evacuation” in Dark Mountain Issue 15

“In the Back Among the Artifacts,” Wilderness House Literary Review, 13.4

Faking It” in Split Lip Magazine, August 2018

Buffalo Park” in Atticus Review, September 2017

Between Brick Walls” in The Tunnels, Spring 2016

Connecting the Dots” in Away, Fall 2015


Analogue Nostalgia” in jmww

All Good Things” in Bodega Issue 83.

The International Congress for Kids Whose Dads are Commie Draft Dodgers” in Issue 4 of Longleaf Review (nominated for a Pushcart Prize).

“The Next Best Thing” in Prism Review, Issue 20.

Scouting Locations” in Waxwing XIII.

“The End of Akrotiri” in Circa, Spring 2016

“The Visitation of Aliens” in Garbanzo Literary Journal, Spring 2015, Volume 5

“Father O’Brian’s First Case” in The Wordsmith Journal Magazine, September 2013


“Spring Gift” in Arizona’s Best Emerging Poets, Spring 2018

List of Lists” in The Tunnels, Spring 2016

Portrait of the city as a Love Story” and “Fatherhood” in NEAT, Summer 2015

Dublin” in Burningword Literary Journal, Fall 2014


The Real Deal,” Northern Arizona Playwriting Showcase, 2015

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