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Portrait 4My name is Keene Short, or JK. I am a writer and academic in Moscow, Idaho, where I am currently pursuing an MFA in creative writing. Previously, I received an MA in English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and two BA degrees in English and History at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I grew up in the woods and deserts.

As an emerging writer, I focus on short form prose, poetry, and plays; I showcase examples of my work here. As an amateur historian, I enjoy lengthy, spirited discussions about remembrance and commemoration; I focus on twentieth century conflict and culture. My interests and skills vary widely, ranging from history to cooking to poetry to photography. Please feel free to explore my work here. (I also exist on Twitter sometimes as @preachykeene. But only sometimes).



Recent Publications:

Scouting Locations” (Short Story) in Waxwing XIII.

Buffalo Park” (Nonfiction Essay) in Atticus Review, September 2017

“Between Brick Walls” (Creative Nonfiction) and “List of Lists” (Poem) in The Tunnels, Spring 2016

“The End the Akrotiri” (Short Fiction) in Circa, Spring 2016

“Fatherhood” and “Portrait of the City as a Love Story” (Poems) in NEAT, Summer 2015

Connecting the Dots” (Creative Nonfiction), Away Fall 2015

The Real Deal” (Ten-Minute Play), 2015 NAPS Contest

Dublin” (Poem),  Burning Literary Journal, Fall 2014




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